A moment of reflection with Stefan

We take a tea break with Stefan Spiessberger to reflect on his 2017 and hear his thoughts as he looks forward into the New Year.

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Our girls keep the pressure on.

Francesca Bagnoli and Paula Novotna continue to deliver fine performances on the WKL and secure their spots at the top of the leaderboard.

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2018 Evo Rider Review

The all-inclusive Evo is a favourite amongst some of our Team Riders who hand-pick it as an essential part of their quiver. Big Air, Freestyle, Freeride and Foil fanatics Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu share their stoke on the new 2018 Evo.

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Behind the Design - Evo

It's the most accessible kite for every type of rider with a fresh new look. Designer Ralf Grösel talks us through the complete redesign of the new 2018 Evo.

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Half-Time Hustle

The WKL '17 World Tour is well underway and boy we’ve enjoyed the action so far! We catch up with Stef and Paula for some half-time hustle.

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2018 Vegas review - It's Major!

Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham go deep into the design and performance features of the new 2018 Vegas. Switching between freestyle, big air and park riding, it's versatile, direct and solid all-round.

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Tom Court reviews Dice 2018

Tom Court shares his thoughts on the new Dice, why it's his kite of choice and what makes it a true all-round performer.

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Behind the design - 2018 Dice.

Designer Ralf Grösel pops the hood on the best-selling Dice, that for 2018 has been designed to be the ultimate Freestyle and boosting all-round machine.

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'True Blue Greece' Stefan Spiessberger

Following the release of 'True Blue Greece' Stef tells us about the evolution of his riding, keeping kiteboarding fresh and his gear.

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Jaime Exclusive - Tarifa Strapless Pro

Kiteboarding legend Jaime Herraiz talks about the evolution of the sport, what's exciting about Strapless riding and why the Tarifa Strapless Pro is doing things differently.

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'Dreamcatcher' Francesca Bagnoli

'Dreamcatcher' showcases how persistence, dedication and passion can make your dreams come true, and that the only limits you have are the ones you set yourself.

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A Solid Start By Stefan

Stefan Spiessberger’s fierce performance from the get-go saw him advance through the rounds and securing 4th place overall in Leucate.

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A double win for Julia and Christian!

Julia Castro and Christian Tio dominate at the 3rd stop of the 2017 PKA tour in Boracay, Philippines.

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World Title At Snow Kite Champs 2017

Artem Garashchenko takes his 3rd Snow Kite World Championship title after a dream set on home soil.

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'Just Cruising.' Nina Font

Women who go for it on the water are inspiring, and Nina Font is no exception. A newbie on the up, her latest clip will stir you up to get out there.

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A smash-hit in Sardinia. Tom Bridge

2016 has been a bit of a transitional year for youngest team member Tom Bridge. Read about his road to recovery and smashing success in Sardinia.

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'Take me to Sardinia & Corsica'

Watch Paula Novotna hop on a catamaran to cruise and kite the Mediterranean shores of Sardinia and Corsica #takemeto

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The 2017 Vegas is here!

Coming in hot to the 2017 North Kiteboarding range is the Vegas, the Kite of champions! A pure Wakestyle / Freestyle Kite with outstanding mega loop performance there's no task too big for this bad boy.

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Vegas 2017 an insight view from designer Ralf Grösel

The Vegas! Still maintaining its position as the most sold C-kite on the market, it proved itself once again by taking its second Red Bull King Of The Air title at the hands of Aaron Hadlow.

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Tom Court gives the down-low on '2017 Dice'

Tom gives us the nitty-gritty on the 2017 Dice, redefining versatility and performance! Take five, make a cup of tea and have a read about the perfectly balanced Freestyle and Wave Kite.

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The Click Bar is here! The Gamechanger

Yes, you heard it right...The Click Bar is here! it's The Gamechanger.

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Rolling into its fourth generation is the Dice. With improved Wakestyle performance, 4th and 5th line compatibility, unique pigtail setup options and varied flying characteristics, this kite will put in a show-stopping performance no matter what's thrown at it. Find out more from Ralf Grösel, creator of the award winning Dice.

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Youth Cup 2016. Costa Brava, Spain

Check up on all the action during the World Kite Tour Youth Cup 2016, hosted by Camping La Ballena Alegre in Costa Brava, Spain.

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'Habitual' Craig Cunningham

"I spend much of the year park riding, so it's great to get back into load-and-pop tricks, dial in some new moves and put a few new tweaks on some of the tricks I already do."

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Without A Jersey- Barra Nova

We caught up with Stefan to find out what went into the making of 'Without a Jersey - Barra Nova,' his new found passion for freeriding and the key to saving your knees.

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Manuela explores Peru.

For some, Peru may be known as the bubbling core of South American culture and traditions. For others it represents an endless coastline of pulsing swells with constant winds & Manuela was there to see it in all its glory!

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Reno rides 600km of untouched Brazilian coastline.

How often does one wake up and think 'right today i'm going to Kite 600km'? Team Rider Reno Romeu has just completed a 600km downwinder over the course of 6 days!

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Evo 2016 - an inside view with Ralf Grösel

5 struts, 4 line bar, an ultramodern Delta design, bombproof stability and highly versatile. Here is the most reliable all-round Kite you've ever flown!

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Noè Font joins our Team.

A big congratulations to Noè Font who is the latest member to join the North Kiteboarding International Team.

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"Where the wind blows."

Colleen Carroll is the main feature in the first episode of a five part series called 'Where the Wind Blows.' Set in Hood River, Oregon she talks travel and inspiration, whilst showcasing her impressive rail riding and freestyle skills.

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#HERROADTRIP pt.1 with Manuela Jungo.

Team rider Manuela Jungo has been on a whirlwind road trip through Europe in Partnership with Mercedes, who recently launched their project to empower women called 'She's Mercedes'

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Paula drops new movie 'A Taste Of Greece'

Sunshine bleached, action packed, full of power moves and style, Paula shows off her athlete status in her latest movie shot and edited by Sam Van Olmen.

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Tom Court's Camp in Kos

Tom Court has just got back from hosting a Kite Camp in Kos, Greece. A great destination where action, beach life, and a quaint Greek town meet. The aim of the Camp was to develop the skills of those with a passion for Freestye/Wakestyle riding.

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The new Vegas episode is online!

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Notes on the 2016 Vegas by Ralf Grösel

The Vegas is the second most longstanding Kite in the North Kiteboarding range - after the Rebel - for several reasons. Its pure C feel, combined with the comfort of any modern Kites is just the start, and we're sure World Cup rider's like Paula Novotna, Stefan Spiessberger, Reno Romeu and Aaron Hadlow, as well as ambitious freestylers would agree.

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First impressions of the Dice 2016 by Tom Court

We're stoked about the launch of the new 2016 Dice!!! Going into it's third year it has redefined versatility and performance,...

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Dice 2016 - an inside view by Ralf Grösel

Ralf Grösel is the creator of the Dice; a versatile shredding machine. A kite that will meet the high demands of freestylers and wakestylers but as well will work for most waveriders.

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Without A Jersey

Team Rider Stefan Speissberger recently released his latest movie titled 'Without a Jersey.' Watch it here!

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Hadlow 3rd VKWC Venezuela

The Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) - previously the PKRA - headed to Isla Coche, Venezuela for the 2nd stop on the tour.

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The boss is back! Hadlow turns heads in SPO

The Think Blue Kitesurf World Cup was hosted in St Peter Ording, Germany.

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