Behind The Design - 2018 Neo.

The Neo has been a huge hit amongst the wave riding crew and the 2018 model is no exception. From die-hard shredding to strapless freestyle, Ken Winner tells us more about this champion design. 

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The Director's Chair - The Bubble

‘The Bubble’ movie is about to hit our screens and we've got an exclusive, straight from the Director’s chair! Take it away Noé...

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2018 Vegas review - It's Major!

Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham go deep into the design and performance features of the new 2018 Vegas. Switching between freestyle, big air and park riding, it's versatile, direct and solid all-round.

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Aaron Hadlow talks 'The Bubble'

"The Bubble’ is aimed at kiters, is a quality production, something with a cool style, mainly a bit different and very watchable." - Hadlow

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10 years in the making and the most sold C-kite, designer Ralf Grösel spills the beans on the new 2018 Vegas; built for Wakestyle and kings of the air!

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Girls Kite Camp LOVE2KITE

From the 21st-28th October LOVE2KITE will be hosting its 3rd all-girls Kite Camp at Dakhla Spirit, Morocco. Don't miss out!

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Tom Court reviews Dice 2018

Tom Court shares his thoughts on the new Dice, why it's his kite of choice and what makes it a true all-round performer.

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Behind the design - 2018 Dice.

Designer Ralf Grösel pops the hood on the best-selling Dice, that for 2018 has been designed to be the ultimate Freestyle and boosting all-round machine.

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Lewis Shakes It Up In Squamish

Lewis hits Squamish for the KiteClash and talks about the diversification of his quiver as he drifts towards Big Air and Racing; think Rebel, Select, Jamie Textreme...

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2018 Rebel Review

Heads up Rebel fans! Jeremie Tronet reviews the new 2018 model in the Grenadines. See it in action and hear about all the design updates.

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'True Blue Greece' Stefan Spiessberger

Following the release of 'True Blue Greece' Stef tells us about the evolution of his riding, keeping kiteboarding fresh and his gear.

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Smash Hit at Spornado Hood Jam

Colleen, Craig and Noé tell us about the setup and execution of the Spornado Hood Jam, how their gear performed, as well as their cracking results.

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Behind the design - 2018 Rebel.

Designer Ken Winner pops the hood on the legendary Rebel, that for 2018 takes on exciting new features and in-flight characteristics.

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Tom, Colleen, and Seb share some goodies about their trip to Rio to film the latest Dice episode, and how local boy and team mate Reno was the ultimate tour guide for the city of dreams.

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Hoek tot Helder

Team rider Lasse Walker will be participating in the epic Hoek tot Helder downwinder in support of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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