CC Shops

Competency Centre Shops


North Kiteboarding proudly introduces the North Kiteboarding Competency Centre Shops (CC Shops).
Starting in Italy, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain these officially authorized shops are North Kiteboarding “Hot Spots” which offer just that inch more. Looking for the best sales advice for North products? Want an even bigger choice of North products to choose from? Make sure to check out where the next Competency Centre Shop is near you! 

Advantages of CC Shops for the end-consumer:

  • • Products/Special Editions exclusively available at Competency Centre Shops (only by availability)
  • • Availability of core products of the North Kiteboarding range at all times
  • • A particularly extensive and broad product range → More products/sizes to choose from
  • • Broad spare part range available at all times
  • • Extraordinary expertise of shop’s staff in the field of kiteboarding and extensive knowledge of all North -Kiteboarding products
  • • Outstanding, confident and proficient sales advice
  • • Availability of a repair service as well as surrogate kites for end-consumers while their gear is under repair
  • Highly respected and comprehensive customer service

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