Team Riders make their mark in Palawan.

Noe Font claimed 3rd Place, Craig Cunningham 4th and Aaron Hadlow 5th. In the Women’s, Colleen Carroll took 2nd and was crowned Queen of the Kicker at the Solaire Blue Open.

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It´s all about the ACE

Hi Kari, you’re the designer of the new ACE. Can you tell us a little about your background in Kiteboarding and Paragliding design.

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“Shooting with the all-new BMW 5 Series Touring in San Francisco”

When BMW approached North Kiteboarding to collaborate on an international marketing campaign for their all-new BMW 5 Series Touring car, we knew it was going to be an exciting project not only for the sport, but also on a production level.

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Lay-day brings adventure and lifestyle.

No wind no worries, as Craig, Colleen, Aaron, Tom, Noe and Manuela made the most of a lay-day.

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Place your bets please

The line up is hot and with all players in, it’s time to place your bets please. Who will be crowned 2017 champion of the Solaire Blue Open?

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My year on the KPL - Noé Font.

With the 2017 KPL season just about to get underway, Noé Font gives us the down-low on last year's success and what we can expect for the coming year.

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King Of The Air round up

It was a dual to the end at the King of The Air, as 8000 spectators watched Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten and Nick Jacobsen battle it out.

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Kite . Connect . Experience.

Craig and Colleen will join the Dorado Kite Experience in Puerto Rico and we think you should too!

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The adventurers choice.

If you were embarking on a mammoth 600km downwinder, what gear would you take? Cedric Tassier shares his thoughts.

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Time to reflect - Paula Novotna

Paula takes her sport seriously with grit and determination. After a busy year competing, travelling and training hard, we thought it was time for a catch up.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.5 #Tom

In pt.5 of Pre-Game Talk we catch up with Tom Herbert, who's trademark New Cal Style, crowd pleasing board offs and all-round trickery will make for one hell of a show. 

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'Just Cruising.' Nina Font

Women who go for it on the water are inspiring, and Nina Font is no exception. A newbie on the up, her latest clip will stir you up to get out there.

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.4 #Lasse

In pt 4. of ‘Pre-Game Talk’ we're joined by hotshot Lasse Walker. A major contender for the podium at the King Of The Air, his drive and motivation for success is boss. Expect to see great things!

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'Pre-Game Talk' pt.3 #Reno

Joining us in pt.3 of 'Pre-Game Talk' is laid back Brazilian, Reno Romeu. Read how he prepares both mentally and physically for the King Of The Air '17!

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Preparing for King Of The Air Video

Watch as Tom Court catches up with Tom Hebert, Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker as they show us how gnarly the event really is.

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