Art.-No. 44700-3400

Small Waves / Strapless Freestyle

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The Pro CSC is a completely new shape 2017 in Light Team Construction, best suited to wave riding in small to medium waves and strapless freestyle. A board Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes use to turn heads at the Tarifa Strapless event finishing 1st and 3rd. The goal for 2017 was to shape the Pro CSC even shorter than in 2016 by keeping a very similar outline and rocker, but by essentially shortening and rounding the nose. Besides just being shorter, the main performance advantage is less catching in the nose when doing very tight snaps in steep sections. CSC shape is teamed with perfectly balanced volume and the all new Polyester Pro Fins for snappy turns. The scooped out area underfoot and a lower centre of gravity in combination with the ultra thin new Traction Pad Pro increases grip and control. The Pro CSC is your golden ticket to progression.

4'11'' x 17 1/8'' x 2''19,1 L55-75kgTS-M Pro I
5'2'' x 17 7/8'' x 2 3/1622,8 L70-90kgTS-M Pro I
5'5'' x 18 5/8'' x 2 3/8''26,9 L>85kgTS-M Pro I
  • Light Team Construction
  • CNC Handmade Fins
  • Technora Deck Reinforcement
  • Snappy top turns and tight bottom turns
  • Best wave Freestyle board with no inserts
  • Great pop
  • Good speed through turns


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Tech & Features

Technora Net

Bamboo Tech

Technora is a para-aramid fiber with excellent technical properties for high performance kite surfboards. It’s high-tensile strength, good fatigue resistance and long term dimensional stability make it an ideal fiber for use in areas of boards that take repeated impact. We have oriented the Technora fiber in a way that does not affect the overall feel and flex of the board and have slightly altered our overall layup in order to not add any additional weight to the boards while still taking full advantage of the superior strength of Technora to prevent cracking and breakage.
Bamboo is a sustainable material and comes with amazing technical characteristics. our bamboo tech waveboards feature a high strength to weight ratio with great resistance to dents and perforations. The resulting boards are very durable and provide high performance riding characteristics.

Cork Shock Absorber

Responsive Flex

Cork offers excellent absorption characteristics and reforms entirely without leaving any visible dents in contrast to PVC. Therefore it is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboards.
Using our bamboo tech construction, we take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of natural bamboo. Optimized layers and the mix with composite materials help us to construct powerful, agile and versatile directionals that come with a unique flex – responsive flex!



All Pro-Boards fulfill the needs of the X-Surf concept and are ideal shapes for both kitesurfing and surfing. We originally introduced the X-surf concept with the Whip and received great feedback from riders who loved being able to travel with a single board to cover their kiting and surfing needs. All Pro-Boards have enough volume for a good paddling ability and also operate well when relying purely on wave energy to generate speed. The Pro CSC and the Pro-Surf don’t even have inserts and are the perfect performance hybrids perfectly suited to bridging the gap between kiting and paddling in small to medium surf. The Pro-Surf and the Pro CSC are the go to board for team riders and advanced surfers in nearly all conditions.
All boards now come with our own Futures Fins compatible fin boxes. Two side set screws and no rear tab allow for a wider tolerance of fin fitting and ensure a perfect and tight fit every time whether you’re using our high quality composite fins or any stock after market Futures brand fin. Easy to install and uninstall even with Sand and Salt.