Art.-No. 44700-3426
Sizes: 132 / 135 / 138 / 141


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Select Select
Range of use


  • Soft Flex
  • Step Mono Concave Bottom
  • Textreme Carbon Construction
  • NTT recommended
  • Full carbon construction for lightest weight possible
  • Flat rocker for early planing, lightning speeds and outstanding upwind performance
  • A soft trim overall guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions
  • Dynamic Flex due to Textreme and Biax Carbon

Speeding ahead in Freeride performance is the Select. Its featherlight weight is courtesy of the premium Textreme Carbon Construction, which lays the foundation for the rest of its outstanding characteristics. Underfoot, its magic carpet feel is responsive, energetic and engaging due to the Medium Flex, especially when teamed with the cushy NTT footpads. Early planing and epic grip also allow the Select to adapt to the needs of those with a certain passion for Freestyle. What are you waiting for? The Select is premium kiteboarding at its best!

132/3955-75kgS-Bend FS 4.5 G10
135/4070-85kgS-Bend FS 4.5 G10
138/4175-90kgS-Bend FS 4.5 G10
141/42>85kgS-Bend FS 4.5 G10


Tech & Features


Medium Flex

> Spread Tow Fabrics (STF) for ultra light composites.
> The carbon spread tow technology of Formula 1 Champions!

The patented TeXtreme® spread tow structure makes the composite 20 % lighter, with an unprecedented increase in overall performance. This is based on the fact that the fibres are straighter in TeXtreme® than in any standard conventional carbon reinforcements. As a result of the optimized fibre structure, the end product will hold a larger amount of carbon fibres, while keeping size and weight to a minimum.

> The upwind ability is recognizably improved.
> The handling and feel of the board is undeniably unique! TeXtreme® boards feel much smoother than traditional boards.
> The pop is also improved and it is easier to release the board for loaded jumps. Getting the timing right for jumping will feel intuitive.
> TeXtreme® boards are just like your own magic carpet; the board does all the work for you!
The Medium Flex boards combine competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition. Following boards feature the Medium flex: Jaime, Select, X-Ride, Spike, Spike Textreme.

Step Mono Concave

Absorption Flex Tips

The step mono concave is the fastest and easiest to ride bottom concepts. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.

> Perfect control
> Great upwind performance
> Smooth feedback
> Most comfortable ride
Based on a unique new construction of the board in the tip area, the scoop rocker line ensures better response to changing situations. In underpowered riding, the board remains flat for fast planing. In overpowered riding, the scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.

Torsion Flex