• Soft Flex
  • Step Mono Concave Bottom
  • Premium Construction
  • NTT recommended
  • Narrow tips for unmatched carving performance
  • Carbon Beam for increased reactivity and reduced weight
  • A soft trim overall for a comfortable ride in all conditions
  • Step Mono Concave for lots of grip and excellent control

The X-Ride is the perfect all-round machine for the ambitious and advanced Freerider on the way to the first Freestyle manoeuvres. First season upgraded to the Premium Construction with Carbon beams for a progressive flex and better pop. Willing and lively, the narrow tips give unmatched carving performance, even in small to medium waves, whilst the rail length offers great grip and control. The Medium Flex creates a forgiving feel underfoot as well as smooth landings. Speedy upwind and able to boost, the X-ride is your companion for fast progression.

132/3955-75kgS-Bend FS 4.5 PC
135/4070-85kgS-Bend FS 5.0 PC
138/4175-90kgS-Bend FS 5.0 PC
141/42>85kgS-Bend FS 5.0 PC


Tech & Features

Absorption Flex Tips

Medium Flex

Based on a unique new construction of the board in the tip area, the scoop rocker line ensures better response to changing situations. In underpowered riding, the board remains flat for fast planing. In overpowered riding, the scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.
The Medium Flex boards combine competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition. Following boards feature the Medium flex: Jaime, Select, X-Ride, Spike, Spike Textreme.

Torsion Flex

Step Mono Concave

The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by North.
The step mono concave is the fastest and easiest to ride bottom concepts. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.

> Perfect control
> Great upwind performance
> Smooth feedback
> Most comfortable ride