Cabo Verde




Top 3 kitesurfing spots:
1. Ponta Preta - Sal , it‘s the place where everything started, when I was a kid I used to surf a lot that place, then I started kiting and of course that place has become my favorite playground
2. Chia - Sardinia, is the place where I live in the summer months with my father Libero, it’s nice to keep the training level high and an awesome place for strapless freestyle!!!!
3. Capo Mannu - Sardinia this the best wave spot I've seen so far in the Mediterranean sea, every time the wind comes from NW. I like to train myself in free ocean quality swell.

Top 3 songs?
changes a lot but for sure the rhythm of my island is my favorite

Cat or dog?
Dog millions time more than cats!!!

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I will say Pizza, I'm born in Cabo Verde but I'm half Italian...........

Girls or boys?
Girls of course!

Water or champagne?
Water. I don't drink any alcohol.

Car or bike?
I would like to drive a car but I have to wait 1 more year until I can get my driver license

City or beach?
I'm a beach boy, I can't survive more than 3 days in a City........

Pink or black?

Plane or road trip?
Planes, every day wasted travelling is a day without salt water


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