Artem Garashchenko


Yekaterinburg, Russia




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
1. Mejvodnoe, Crimea, Russia for sure one of the best places in my country. here is warm, flat water, pretty cheap and a couple of hand made sliders for having fun every day.
2. Taiba, Brazil as for everyone else. It's real kiteboarding gym with perfect conditions.
3. Col du Lautaret, France is my favorite place for snowkiting. It's a small canyon surrounded by huge mountains with plenty of opportunities to ride. Hills, kickers, powder, 1 minute flights and windy almost every winter day!

Favourite gear setup?

North Vegas 11 or 13m with Wakestyle bar and Gambler 139 for freestyle and 143 for park riding

Top 5 songs?
The mix of everything but now in my playlist:
Mickey Avalon - I Get Even
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Andre Nickatina - Ayo For Yayo
Code Name: Scorpion - Jam Packed

Cat or dog?

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Massive burger served with vegetables

Girls or boys?
Girls of course

Water or champagne?

Champagne when wining a competition. Water for the all other days

Car or bike?
When I was a child I rode a bike after school every windy day to have a kite or snowkite session on my homespot. I still really like it! But now I can't live without car too

City or beach?
I don't have a lot to do in the city, so definetly beach or mountains

Pink or black?
Black for sure

Plane or road trip?
Road trippin' with good crew is way more interesting

What have you always wanted to say?
Shred for all meatballs! It means ride as hard as you can!


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