Cesar Portas


Barcelona, Spain




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Barcelona and Tarifa, because there I got the chance to ride and have fun with my friends, and Brasil because of the prefect conditions for freestyle!

Favourite gear set up?
I like to ride the Vegas for newschool. My favourite board is the Team series 135cm, I use it with straps and sometimes with bindings when there is a nice flat water spot! I always use the short bar setting, 20 meter long and with 5 lines.

Favourite music Top 5?
I am always changing styles, artists, but here the ones I got on my new Ipod:
Joker and the thief, Wolfmother
Walking on a dream, Empire of the Sun
Foundations, Kate Nash
Come out and Play, The off spring
The Sea, Morcheeba

Cat or dog?
Dogs, because normally they are funnier and good friends!

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
Girls, because I like to ... (some of the content has been censored)

Girls or boys ;-)?
I´d be Summer

Water or Champaign?
Water! I don´t like champaign,, although I like to celebrate things :)

Car or bike?
A car takes you further but I really love to go mountain biking! Can´t decide on this one!

City or beach?
Beach, after so many years travelling from beach to beach, I feel like in a prison while in the city.

Pink or black?
Black, because Pink ain´t the new black anymore!

Plane or roadtrip?
A roadtrip with friends is way funnier, because is where the craziest adventures happen!

What did you ever want to say?

That one goes for my bro: I am the one who broke your hard drive 3 years ago! XD

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