Claudia León Martínez


Los Narejos, Murcia, Spain




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
I haven’t been to many places yet, but among the spots I have visited, one of those that I'd choose would be the Cauipe lagoon, it’s an awesome spot in Brazil, where there’s flat water, good wind and lovely people. It’s a good spot to land new tricks.

Another cool spot for me would be the Cotillo lagoons, in Fuerteventura (Spain), the first place I went to train freestyle for competitions. I enjoyed a lot and I would repeat it again.

Last but not least, my homespot is where I always feel comfortable, there are a lot of people that I love and who I enjoy with. It's where I learnt to kite.

Favourite gear set up?
What I like the most is kiting with my 9m Vegas, the wakestyle bar and riding my 134cm Team Series board.

Favourite music Top 5?
I can’t choose between all my favourite songs, but before hitting the water I really like listening to Sia, Imagine Dragons, Adele and the eternal band, Queen.

Cat or dog?
I love both but I’d choose dogs (puppiees); I grew up with a dog at home, so life’s better with a dog jumping and running around you ;-)

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
For the first course some vegetables never come badly, but as a main course a pizza always makes me happy.

Girls or boys ;-)?
Boyzz for sure!!

Water or Champaign?

I’ve never tasted the champaign, so I prefer water for the moment.

Car or bike?
Since the wind at home doesn’t last for so much time, we always have to rush, so we take the camper van.

City or beach?
The beach obviously! The city can’t be compared to the sand, the ocean and that feel of freedom.

Pink or black?
I’m not really into pink color, so I prefer black. But my favourite one is red (like almost all my Vegas, haha)

Plane or roadtrip?
By plane I can visit places that are further than if I went by car, but on a road trip I can see the beautiful landscapes and find new kitesurfing spots. I can’t choose one.

What did you ever want to say:
I love these quotes, so I want to share them with you:

 "Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit FLY" (Van Morrison) + "The wind, my ally; the sea, my freedom" (Claudia León ;-) )


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