Colleen Carroll


Hood River, Oregon




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Taiba, Brazil has an amazing vibe that I just can't get enough of. It has perfect flat water conditions and every time I kite here, I see tons of progression in my riding. One of my other favorites has to be Hatteras in North Carolina for three reasons….one because there is always a friend to ride with, two because the slicks are insane for flat water, and three because if you ever tire of riding the slicks you can walk just across the highway to kite waves. 

And of course my home spot in Hood River, Oregon makes the top three. The beautiful backdrop and weeks on end of windy days makes this spot one of my favorites. We also have a public slider park that is  in the water all summer long, the only one in the world that I know of. 

Favourite gear setup?
I love my 9m vegas on 19m lines with my 136 Gambler and my North boots. So fun!

Cat or dog?
We've always had both growing up but if I were to have a pet right now i'd want to bring home a baja dog from Mexico. They're the best.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Veggies all the way, couldn't live without them.

Girls or boys?
Boys for me:)

Water or champagne?
While mimosas are a wonderful way to start the day, I gotta go with water. 

Car or bike?
Other than kiting, one of my favorite things to do is mt biking at home in oregon.

City or beach?
That's an easy one, beach for sure. I love the ocean.

Pink or black?

Plane or road trip?
Plane, I have a hard time sitting still so road trips aren't really my thing. Unless we can stop often and run around.


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