Craig Cunningham






Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Cape Hatteras, USA
I've spent every spring down here for the last five years!  Most of the NA Blend crew is down here cruising, looking to ride and party at this time of the season!   Spending a lot of time in the park and the slick plus Hatteras has lots of fun spots to surf and skate!  Just basically a good ol' time with the crew...  Island life!

Long Point, Canada
My home spot.  Super similar to Hatteras minus the island life and consistent conditions.  But when it does fire it's an insane place to ride, private slicks all over the Inner Bay or the main beach filled with a great group of locals!

Taiba, Brazil
Consistentcy!  It's windy and flat everyday in Brazil!  Such a good place to go with the crew and bang out some new tricks and stack some stock clips and photos for the year!  Cant wait to get back there this fall!

Favourite gear setup?
Vegas on 22's with a 142 Gambler and the North boots

Top 5 songs?
On my playlist right now...
White Arrows - Johnny Belinda
Santigold and the Beastie Boys - Don't Play No Games
Emalkay - Fabrication
Mac Miller - Frick Park Market
Jitta - Drink Face

Favourite Artists...
The Sheepdogs
Chiddy Bang
Jack White

Cat or dog?
Dog for sure!  My family has always had German Shepherd's.  Love spending time with my pooch!

Vegetables or pizza/burger?

Well a burger or pizza are two of my favorite foods but I do like vegetables as well... just not as much as a pizza or burger ha!

Girls or boys?
Girls... c'mon now!
Water or champagne?
Champaign showers!  But really if it comes down to it you cant live off champaign.  Water it is!

Car or bike?
Really all depends on where you are in the world.

City or beach?
Love them both but if I had to pick it would definitely be the beach! 

Pink or black?
Black.  Straight murdered out!  Right?

Plane or road trip?
Both have their advantages... Plane gets you there fast and that's nice but it kinda sucks going through all the hassles of flying.  Roadtrips can be really fun if you have the right crew and ingredients but I can get over spending 10 hours in the car pretty quickly. Either way, I always just try to relax and enjoy the ride however I may be getting there.

What have you always wanted to say?
You can measure your life in two ways... Either by the amount of dollars in your bank account or the life expieriences you have encountered.


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