Francesca Bagnoli





Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Stagnone, Sicily- steady wind, flat water and Italian food. Could I ask more? :)

Taiba, Brazil-  Taiba lagoon has super flat water, perfect wind and the temperature is simply amazing. Learning new tricks is very easy and you can improve a lot there.

Langebaan, south Africa- The conditions here are really hard, but doing my tricks in this conditions make me more consistent in the water, and more prepared for competitions.

Favourite gear setup?
10m Vegas with 22m wakestyle bar, Gambler 135x41,5 and north boots

Top 5 songs?
Alt-J- Left Hand Free
C2C- Down the road
Cage The Elephant- Ain't no rest for the wicked
Damian Marley- Hey girl
Mannarino- Me so'mbricato

Cat or dog?
I love both

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I love eating vegetables, they are never missing in my plate!!

Girls or boys?
Certainly  boys?

Water or champagne?
Water but if there's something to celebrate I would have Champaign

Car or bike?
I love riding bike but car is faster :)

City or beach?
Absolutely beach! I can't get enough of  the triple S : sun, sand and sea :)

Pink or black?


Plane or road trip?
I would go by plane in a new place and then moving around with the car to find new kite spots!:)

What have you always wanted to say?
Be thankful for every new challenge. each will give you more strength, wisdom and character. 


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