Gabi Steindl


Margaret River, Western Australia




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Oooops, if I told u, I'ld by lynched by the locals ;) Indo, W.A. and Mauritius! All of those places are absolutely stunning and rock big time because of one simple reason: S I C K waves + considerable swells rollin’ in regularly!

Top 5 bands?
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ich und Ich, Sashomon, Controlled Substances, Hilltop Hoods

Cat or dog?
Dog, no doubt about it, dogs are more of a mate I reckon, super loyal and up 4 anything and most importantly: they aren’t hydrophobic (afraid of water) !

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables! I haven’t eaten a burger or pizza in aaages. Not only that I’m a vegetarian, I also avoid wheat in my diet as it makes me tired and uses too much energy in the digestion process. Veggies in comparison give me energy and don’t lie heavily in my stomach.

Girls or boys?
What a question...? Boyz of course.

Water or champagne?
Mh, hihihi, that’s a tricky one. Water is my life-elixir and I drink loads of it every day, though, the only alcohol that I actually really enjoy once in a while is a glass of cool Champaign...

Car or bike?
Bike! I couldn’t be without my mountain-bike not only that it’s much ‘greener’ and eco-friendly, it’s a great workout and one is much faster with it in the city than in a car being stuck in traffic jams.

City or beach?
Beach beach beach beach beach. What would a fully wave-obsessed waterwoman be doing in the city... I’m fading like a flower when I can’t inhale the energy of the beach & the ocean!

Pink or black?
Mh, in this case black, but just because I’m absolutely not into pink. Though, I have to admit, I’m also not really into black either, as it’s a rather sad colour. Orange, yellow, red, blue, green, those colours have energy!

Plane or road trip?
Roadtrip, no doubt about it. Love road-trips, there’s always so many exciting things waiting along the way. Plus: I dread airports... a decade of travel with way too much stuff (my quiver’s usually between 45 and 60kgs!?) causes me starting to shiver already by only the thought of the next discussion at the check-in desk...

What have you always wanted to say?
The ones who haven’t tried it yet: Book yourself a kite-course, get yourself some siiiick toys of North kiteboarding and don’t waste any more time b4 starting with THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD: KITESURFING !! Trust me, you won’t regret it, I promise!

My Slogan:
"Life is not a rehearsal" – Dare 2 ride waves of passion & live ur dreams !!


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