Gianni Aragno






Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?

- Cape Town. Because of the conditions for riding with kickers & waves, nature, people, party, cheap living, culture, party, models...
- Fuerteventura. Close to Spain Mainland, good surf, extreme landscape and the authentic warrior who lives there!
- Hainan, China. Another world, different culture, virgin spots & perfect condition for kitesurfing in a tropical island.

Favourite gear set up?

Vegas 7m with short lines is just perfect to enjoy safely strong wind conditions with lot of power and control. Like sex on fire.

Favourite music Top 5?

Not Safe for Work feat. forensic - Matzak
Nicolas jaar - Resident Advisor Podcast
Edu Imbernon - Cristalized Remix - The XX
Ost & Kjex - Cajun Lunch (Album)
Die kleine prinzessin - Micah Remix - Robosonic

Cat or dog?

Dog, because they are closer to the people and they are allways more active...

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?

Vegetables, so you are lighter and can go higher!

Girls or boys ;-)?

Girls... love them all.

Water or Champaign?

Drinking Champaing you make more friends!

Car or bike?

A Car, so I can carry my equipment!

City or beach?

Beach, if not, something is going wrong...

Pink or black?

Black, either if I feel happy or not I´m always confortable with this color! jaja

Plane or roadtrip?

Plane, so you can go far away!

What did you ever want to say?

It’s not forever, it’s just for tonight.

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