Inês Correia






Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Ponta Preta, Cape Verde
Because it´s a place with incredible and perfect waves... the wind direction is very good and always very good company to train :)
During the season it is consistent and already has given me some very happy and also moments full of adrenaline.

One Eye, Mauritius
It´s a beautiful and incredible spot!!!! You get very good waves and sometimes really big ones ;) it´s one of the places where a lot of times I could test my limits.
Definitely a place to visit once in a lifetime

Faro, Portugal
Is my favourite spot in Portugal, it works really good in winter. It has very good waves! really long ones!! like a dream!
the spot only has one problem, the wind is too cold :(

Favourite gear setup?
Kite Neo 7m and surfboard Woohoo

Top 5 songs?
Etana- I am not afraid
Gyptian- My number one
Sia - Chandelier
Tito Paris - Dança ma mi criola
Etana- Beautiful Day

Favourite artists...
Now I really like Etana, Cold Play, Gyptian
Cat or dog?
Dog!!! I love dogs! my family always had a lot of dogs. At the moment I have 5 dogs in my parent´s house ... I love being with them ... They are really  part of my family.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables! since a long time I didn't eat meat!  Burger only if it´s fish or vegetarian.
I also like pizza but I prefer veggies, it´s much healthier and after a meal I feel a peaceful conscience ;)

Girls or boys?

my boyfriend! ;)
Water or champagne?

Car or bike?
Car because I can come earlier to the spot and enjoy more time in the water.

City or beach?
Beach!!! I love being on the beach! with sun, waves, wind, friends and to relax!

Pink or black?

Pink! it´s one of my favorite colors :)

Plane or road trip?
Road trip!

I don´t like plane, I hate the check-in and the problems with excess baggage ... Road trip is all that l really like , free spirit, i can sleep near the beach, wake up and go strait to the beach and live incredible experiences ... In Portugal I have a autocaravan and I already passed incredible moments with my family and my friends!

What have you always wanted to say?
You have to fight for what you love !!! enjoy every moment is the most important! 

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