Jérémie Eloy






Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
Indonesia, for the waves, people, and vibes, Tahiti I love the atmosphere, and home in Brittany, its cold and stormy, but I kind of like that.

Favourite gear set up?
5’10 WAM, Rebel 7, Trust Bar 5th Element

Favourite music Top 5?
the last 5 songs that I listen on my iphone, Empire of the sun “we are the people”, Cocoon “Chupee”, “Give me that slow knowing smile” Lisa Ekdahl, MGMT “time to pretend” , Gossip “Heavy cross”

Cat or dog?
For now nothing, I’m a “gipsy” so I play with cats and dogs of friends. But later a cat and a dog could be nice, for example an Australian Shepherd dog.

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
French cheese Comté, red wine Bordeaux, and black pepper crab…I’m right now in Maui, so Vegetables.

Girls or boys ;-)?
girl for life, and friends for ever

Water or Champaign?

Car or bike?
Both, Bike, cause if you are on a bike it means the beach is closed to your place and you can go to check how the wave or the wind are, cruising the nose into the wind on your bike.
Car, I have a van, I can sleep inside, have all my gear ready, and if the forecast is good somewhere when I’m in France I just drive, sleep on the spot and ride the next morning.

City or beach?
Beach or small town. City I feel like a Lion in a cage.

Pink or black?
This year, all my rebel are black.

Plane or roadtrip?
Plane and then Road trip

What did you ever want to say?
I love kiteboarding, a sport close to the nature, that you can share with friends, it’s the best way to travel, to meet people, to meet locals, to challenge yourself…I'm highly addicted.

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