Jeremie Tronet


Union Island / Caribbean




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?

My own spot at the JT Pro Center on Union Island in the Grenadines is definitely my top favorite of all time as it has everything to make me happy, beautiful turquoise water to shoot videos and photos, constant wind, the best Caribbean atmosphere and island vibes.

I use to spend a lot of time in Brazil and Cumbuco was my top favorite. I actually really enjoyed the Cauipe lagoon, super busy and pushing you to throw down as many tricks as possible, riding in Cauipe is a pretty great motivation and almost feels like competing.

I really enjoy indonesia and its perfect waves for both surfing and kitesurfing, I had a very good time around the islands a few years back. It requires a lot of exploring but nothing feels better than finding the perfect hidden wave.

Favourite gear setup?

It is really hard to tell as since riding with the North Kiteboarding gear I have felt in love with every single kites and boards I have tried so far.

I love switching riding styles and every kite and board in the range can push every aspect of Kitesurfing to it's best.

I have been loving my Vegas Kites and Gambler board and Team series for all of the unhooked and wakestyle tricks and enjoyed the EVO and Rebel kites very much for big jumps and old school tricks.

I recently tried the amazing Foil Ltd and once again felt in love with one more of North Kiteboarding toys.

Top 5 bands?

Parov Stelar
Deep House

Favourite Artists?
I am a big fan of my Dad's work (Marcel Tronet)

Cat or dog?
Dog for the company, Cat for the low maintenance 

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I would love to think vegetable but rather go for pizza/burger 

Girls or boys?

Water or champagne?
Sparkling water :)

Car or bike?

City or beach?

Pink or black?
Some Black days , some Pink days

Plane or road trip?
Plane, It brings you further

What have you always wanted to say?
The world is endless, Make it small, Explore more!


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