Kristin Boese






Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Secrets is my favorite spot here at home on Maui whenever it actually works.
Boneyards is my go-to-everyday spot in any size surf that is perfect for playing around and trying stuff.
I also really love Western Australia with it’s many deserted beaches and countless beach breaks to get lost in.

Favourite gear setup?
I just love riding the Neo because I never need to worry about what my kite is doing, it is so incredibly stable and responsive. With the wind we get here on Maui I most often ride a 6m. In combination with either the Pro CSC or the Wohoo I am pretty much in heaven when it comes to kiting in waves.

Top 3 bands?
Kasey Chambers
The little Goats - before they broke up
Ryan Adams

Cat or dog?
Dog for sure, I have 2 of them and they are a real part of our family

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I am more of a healthy farm girl, so veggies it is

Girls or boys?
hm, there only is one boy in my life but the females around me are pretty damn important too, so can I choose both?

Water or champagne?
water on a daily basis, champagne to celebrate! :)

City or beach?
Beach, mountains and forest… I can’t be in a big city for too long.

Pink or black?

I love happy colors, my vote goes to pink.

Plane or road trip?
Road trips because you get to see so much more and live slower


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