Lasse Walker


Noordwijk, The Netherlands


The Netherlands


Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Dolphin beach, Cape Town: Strong wind from the left and 3 meter waves are the best!
Medemblik, The Netherlands: Perfect flat water, not many other riders and steady winds.
Noordwijk, The Netherlands: Always great to ride the conditions at my homespot with some friends!

Favourite gear setup?
The Vegas 8 meter on 22 meter lines (5th line set-up) and the TeamSeries 138/41 on straps.

Top 5 songs?
Fatima Yamaha - What’s a girl to do
KAASI - Lisse
The cool quest - Shine
Big Grams - Fell in the sun
The Black Keys - Tighten up

Cat or dog?
A dog to chase our neighbors cat!

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Always hard to choose between the pizza or the burger..

Girls or boys?
Babes! preferring blond ;-) 

Water or champagne?

Car or bike?
Since I’m from holland where everyone rides a bike, I prefer the car!

City or beach?
Beaches all the way!

Pink or black?
Black, looks better with my blond hair.

Plane or road trip?
A plane to go to the best spots far away from home!

What have you always wanted to say?
Do what you desire!


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