Lewis Crathern


Cape Town




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
1. Worthing UK - my hometown. No such thing as a wind season, blows all year round and some of the most intense strong wind conditions I have experienced on earth.
2. Cape Town - my second home. Port Tack riding at it’s best. I love the variety and the way of life out there.
3. Squamish Canada. Beautiful scenery and nature / Such a cool community and the most consistent wind stats I have ever experienced.

Favourite gear setup?

My Favourite set up at this moment has to be the 8m Vegas, wakestyle bar (22m) and Gambler board with 3.5cm fins. I just love the way the kite loops and how responsive it is when the wind picks up.

Top 3 songs?

Phil Collins
The Klaxons

Cat or dog?

Cats all day. Independent, smart and never poo in your own garden.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?

It’s hard to beat a good burger. 

Girls or boys?
I like girls. 

Water or champagne?
Champagne for the celebration and water for hydration. 

Car or bike?
How about van, a man’s best friend. I could not live without mine. 

City or beach?
Beach. There is nothing worse then always having a long drive to Kitesurf.  

Pink or black?
Black - Never really get pink with guys. 

Plane or road trip?
Roadtrip - 4 days of driving and you can be in another world.


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