Manuela Jungo






Top 3 kitesurfing spots?  
- Kite Village, Hamata, Egypt -   Not too far away from Europe and the perfect place for beginners and advanced riders to imporve
- Pro Kite Brasil, Uruau -  A windy the place in Brazil with a flat water lagoon and good waves in the sea
- The Sweet Spot, Guanaja Honduras -  Not just a paradise for kiters. Graham's Place is the perfect island getaway.

Favourite gear setup?
I use the Vegas with the wakesyle bar. It’s a direct kite that allows me to generate pop and the necessary slack to perform my tricks. The 135 Team Board is my choice for freestyle, it’s the perfect size for me and generates the pop and control that I need to improve and I like that it has a bit more rocker. The Gambler travels with me too because it has a durable construction and performance that I need to hit obstacles and use at the cable park.
Cat or dog?
I am a dog Person. I grew up with labradors and i love arriving home to our chocolate lab Lana. She is always the most exited to see me when i walk through the door.
My mum just recently adopted a kitten, Miles. I normally don't like cats that much but he is so adorable, I wanted to take him with me after one month at home, enjoying his company but unfortunately it's not possible!
Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I do like a Pizza or Burger from time to time but as food is very important for me I prefer to have healthy food like vegetables on my daily plate
Girls or boys?
I like to hang out and ride with girls but I am into boys
Water or champagne?
Water on the daily basis but I can't say no to a good glass of champagne
Car or bike?
I love mountain biking, it is one of my favourite hobby's to do but I prefer to drive a car when I have all my luggage and gear.
City or beach?
I grew up on a farm in Switzerland, far away from a beach but the beach is a magical place for me and has become my favorite place.
Pink or black?
I love pink, I think everyone around me can confirm that.
Plane or road trip?
I am more of a person that flys to places and then can have a base somewhere.


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