Matchu Lopes Almeida


Cabo Verde


Cape Verdean


Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
1. Cabo verde, sal, Ponta Preta. 2. Cabo verde, sal, Ponta Sino, side chore wind left waves and very close to my house. 3. Mauritius, One Eye.

Top 3 music genre?
Reggae, reggaeton, Hip Hop....

Cat or dog?

Dog for sure!

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables, pizza just when I'm in italy! lol

Girls or boys?
Of course girls, I Can't live without them.

Water or champagne?
Water! If I drink alcohol is just on the club.

Car or bike?
Bike and car.

City or beach?

Beach of course!! I can't live on the city.

Pink or black?
Haha, Black!!

Plane or roadtrip?
plane is faster, but I like also roudtrips!

What have you always wanted to say?
NO Stress and Hakuna Matata.


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