Patri McLaughlin


Philadelphia, PA USA




Top 3 kitesurfing spots:
Maui, Maui, and One eye

Favourite gear setup:
I love the Neo, 6m or 8m with short lines. The kite is so stable, turns on a dime, completely de-powers, theres no better kite for riding waves. I like the Wam for smaller waves its great for quick snappy turns, the Pro Kontact is the go-to board when the waves are a bit bigger, it tends do deal with huge amounts of speed the best.

Favourite music?
I like all different types of music, but I have to say I don't like country western. I've been getting into Dubstep, House, classical, rock, alternative, rap, whatever.

Cat or dog?
Cats are way easier to deal with. I don't have time for a dog.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I've been a vegetarian my entire life, so no burger. I'm going to have to say, a vegetable Pizza.

Girls or boys?
Girls, girls, girls.

Water or champagne?
Water by day, champagne by night.

Car or bike?

City or beach?
I like both, beach by day, city by night.

Pink or black?
Black (please don't send me any pink kites. ;) )

Plane or Road trip?
I can't wait until we have the technology to teleport, until then planes.


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