Paula Novotná


Czech Republic, currently all around the world




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Greece, Rhodos. I love this place since I was a child. We used to travel around Greece every summer till we found this awesome place. On one side there are nice waves, on the other side is flat water. My parents enjoy to waveride, and me with my brother we like to do freestyle. It´s windy all summer and it´s nice to spend holiday with my family and friends.

Brazil. Stable wind, sun all day long, flat water, endless beaches. What else do you need to be happy? I am always happy when I come back there and the brazilian fruit is just delicious.

Cape Town, South Africa. The conditions are really tough, but it´s really good for me to train in difficult conditions because the competition is never on easy spots. The nature is amazing and party is also really good! When there is no wind there is cable that I love as well. I think next time I will bring waveboard as well, the waves there are amazing. So you never get bored in Cape Town, always a lot of things to do!

Favourite gear setup?
9m Vegas with 22m bar and the Team Series with boots it´s the best choice for me to have a good freestyle session

Cat or dog?
I love dogs, I have always wanted to have one, but since I was little we have been traveling a lot and my parents didn´t want to get me one. When I get old and settle down I will get a cute dog.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables for sure! I don´t really eat burgers.

Girls or boys?
Haha, boys for sure. Lucky I am a kiteboarder, i always have lots of sexy guys around! Jealous?!

Water or champagne?
Water and I love red wine!

Car or bike?
Since I got my driving licence last year I love to drive. I love to drive big cars and look like gangsta!

City or beach?
Beach, i love to wake up with the breeze, go for a morning run and spend the day in the sea.

Pink or black?
Easy! Pink is my colour!

Plane or road trip?

I love to go on roadtrips with a camper, soo much fun! I don´t really like long flights, I am always waiting untill someone invents a teleport.


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