Sky Solbach


California, USA




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
1. Augusta, Australia. The wind is straight onshore and the waves are blown out and 1 foot but I have so much fun kiting there. There are little waves everywhere and you can ride about 400 waves in a session. It’s so perfect to practice airs and learn new moves.  I’ve ever kited and can get big and scary and will get your blood pumping.
2. A place on the north shore of Oahu that rarely gets good and shall remained un-named. It’s the best right-hander I’ve ever kited and can get big and scary and will get your blood pumping.
3. A spot in Madagascar that I hope to get back to some day. I didn’t score it as good as it could be, but I think it has the most potential of any left I have seen yet.

Favourite gear setup?
My favorite set up at the moment would have to be a Neo and a strapless Pro CSC. The Neo turns on a dime when you need to get it in the right spot quickly to do a turn and is just does everything I want my kite to do.

Top 3 songs?
Bad Religion
Nick Drake
David Gray

Cat or dog?
I'm more of a dog guy. If I pay for vet bills and food, I want an animal that’s gonna show some damn appreciation!

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables. I want to be healthy so I can keep kiting for a long time.

Girls or boys?

Water or champagne?

Car or bike?
I’d like to say bike but the truth is that I drive everywhere I go. So American, right?! If I had a bike I would ride it though…

City or beach?
Beach for sure. Cities are fun for a day or two but I need sand between my toes and salt on my skin.

Pink or black?
Kitesurfing is the new black

Plane or road trip?
Planes. They go faster.


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