Stefan Spiessberger






Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Austria/Traunsee: Home sweet home – It’s always nice to come back after travelling a lot, to have a session with your friends.
Fuerteventura North: Amazing spots with all kind of conditions. Waves, flatwater and nightlife – you just have everything you want.
Brazil/Cauipe Lagoon: Cauipe is one of the best flatwater-spots I’ve ever seen. Amazing sessions in perfect conditions. Incredible how you can improve your riding at this place on earth.

Favourite gear setup?
Vegas 10qm on 20 meter lines. The best setup for Freestyle and Wakestyle. Direct Bar feeling and a lot of power during all of my tricks – I just love it.

Team Series 135cm. That’s the board I use most of the time. With bindings or with straps, doesn’t matter. Just a lot of pop and super save landings. And the best of all: a super good design! 

Top 5 songs?
It is changing all the time, but at the moment:
1. Soundtrack to my life – KiD KuDi
2. Coastin’ – Zion I
3. It’s the beat – Simian Mobile Disco
4. Animus Vox – The Glitch Mob
5. Real Talk - Brix

Cat or dog?
No pets. If you travel a lot, it’s almost impossible. But I would love to have a little dog.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
I try to eat healthy. Especially in times with a lot of training, it’s important to give your body everything it needs. But to be honest, it doesn’t really work all the time. So I often end up with a big Pizza or Burger in front of me, and I pretty much love it!

Girls or boys?
Girls what else?! ;)

Water or champagne?

Car or bike?
Car! You definitely need one to go to the spot you wanna ride at. Not that long ago, I went to my homespot with all my kite-gear almost everyday – by bike. Actually, I prefer to throw all my stuff into the car, turn some good music on and have a nice ride to the spot.

City or beach?
Beach for surfing! City for partying!

Pink or black?
Vegas 2011 colour Purple/Green.:) I like the colourful style, makes me kind of feeling happy all the time!

Plane or road trip?
Roadtrips are pretty cool. It’s just a different kind of travelling. Living out of a car is a thing I like pretty much. On a plane everything is just easier. That’s why I think I prefer plane.

What have you always wanted to say?
Keep on doing what you love to do. Don’t live in dreams. Live in reality!


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