Steph Bridge


united Kingdom




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
Exmouth - UK. This place is superb for all sorts of kiteboarding conditions from flat water to crazy choppy or decent waves. It is tidal so always changing which is fun & makes every session different. Race training is perfect since there are always dinghy’s to train against & distances to travel for leg strength.


Top 5 songs?
I am not fussy & do not have time to get involved with who’s who.

Cat or dog?
Neither since both require feeding, walking & caring for. Right now have enough on my hands with 3 boys to bring up.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables every time – Raw is the future. If you want to learn more about ‘we are what we eat’ then start getting on the Raw Programme. Spending a week with Olympic medallist –‘Gebi’ transformed the way I think about food & drink. Grow your own, eat locally grown stuff- in season, ripe & organic. Living out of a box is history.

Girls or boys?
Boys every time! Not as complicated, do not do anything that is unnecessary, are good decision makers & generally can fix stuff when it goes wrong!

Water or champagne?
If we are on an island & there is nothing to eat then we will be able to find water in the leaves, cactus, coconuts , fruits that grow. So for survival I say H2O but for getting pissed then of course a glass of champagne & I’m done!

Car or bike?
Bike for fitness but Car for doing all the fun things that would be way more difficult without this mode of transport

City or beach?
Always lived on the Ocean & hopefully always will do. Do not do shopping or cities but maybe one day I may?

Pink or black?
Pink since it makes me feel more girly & this is a good thing.

Plane or road trip?
Road trips are way more fun & if planes stopped working then that would be fine by me. This happened twice this year, we hired a car to drive back from Tarifa then did the same the week later from south of France. Both times the volcanic ash stopped mainly Ryan air flights!!!
There are still so many places to kite that are just road trips away. A bunch of friends & kids plus some decent snacks then the road trip is a great way to travel. The biggest thing is the ability to take all your toys including paddleboards which are a no go on planes.

What have you always wanted to say?
1. It is not what we achieve in life it is how we deal with the outcome.
2. Education is a wonderful thing.
3. Questions are answers
4. As you get older you do get wiser
5. Enjoy what you are doing & surround yourself with positive people.
6. The Ocean is the best form of therapy.
7. Stay away from hospitals & Doctors.


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