Tom Bridge


United Kingdom




Top 3 favourite kitesurfing spots?
1. Carribean especially the Tobago Keys since its super warm & so much animal life
2. Exmouth-Bottom channel since its really flat water & very shallow
3. Cape Verde Islands since there are so many different spots to kitesurf


Favourite music?
Do not have the names but I like all the music on my Kitesurf Video’s

Cat or dog?
Cats since dogs scare me when I am kitesurfing

Vegetables or Pizza/Burger?
Pizza since I can choose what toppings to have on it

Girls or boys ;-)?
Boys since girls are scary at age 9 years!

Water or Champaign?
Water, don’t know what the other thing is

Car or bike?

City or beach?
Beach since its all I know

Pink or black?
Black since pink is for girls

Plane or roadtrip?
Plane since its quicker & can get to way warmer places

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