Tom Court


Isle of Wight, UK




Top 3 kitesurfing spots?
- Australia, because it has everything, wind, waves and flat water and it’s a pretty cool place just to hang out with mates. Every year there is a great kite scene there!
- Dominican republic, its definitely one of the best spots to ride and escape from everything else. The local life there is awesome and in such a small area there are some of the best Kiteboarding spots for all conditions…
- Hawaii, Its not the best place to kite and the options on the spots are pretty limited but there is a certain magic about kite beach on Maui. Its strong wind and hard conditions but if you can ride there, then everywhere else is easy!

Favourite gear setup?
I ride a lot of different gear all year round, testing some new things and getting it right for how I want to ride, but my main set up is:
North Dice 7/9/10/12m kites
North Team series Board, 135 or 140 proto with North boots

Cat or dog?
Cat, they are independent and can look after themselves.

Vegetables or pizza/burger?
Vegetables…too many burgers makes them bad!

Girls or boys?

Water or champagne?

Car or bike?
It depends on the distance and the temperature!

City or beach?
There is a time for both…one makes the other better!

Pink or black?
Bit of both…

Plane or road trip?
Road trip for sure, planes are no where near as fun!


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